Nature's Finest Worms and Castings

Your South Florida provider of all natural worms, worm castings, and much more!

Worm castings provide the best organic source of nutrients and all-natural fertilizer for your plants.

Nature’s Finest Worms & Castings is a small business located in South Florida that produces and harvests worm castings to be used as an all-natural fertilizer and growth stimulator for a variety of plants, lawns, and gardens. Founded by a mother and son, the company started out as a small weekend project and quickly grew as we began to recognize the incredible value our product offered to the many farmers and growers in our community. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our castings - working with local restaurants to feed our worms high quality, organic ingredients as well as keeping them in a controlled environment to ensure that we are able to produce the most beneficial, nutritious fertilizer for our customers.


Benefits of Nature’s Finest Worms & Castings


Rich source of all essential nutrients and minerals

They are a very rich source of all essential nutrients and minerals, containing biologically active soil microbes and organisms –even though these nutrients are immediately available to the plant, they also have a time released process which allows them to hold onto nutrients and release them when the plant needs to absorb the food the most (SO…NO WASTE!).



Stimulate Growth and Increase Yield

They STIMULATE GROWTH and INCREASE YIELD – the texture of the castings aerates the soil and improves its structure, enhancing its ability to retain water and nutrients. It also increases plants’ resistance to common diseases like root rot and repels insects and other pests that are often harmful to plants.


All Natural

They are ALL NATURAL – they won’t kill the soil or pollute our groundwater like traditional chemical fertilizers do. This means they are completely safe for kids, pets, and the environment! They also will not burn your plant roots like other additives, no matter how much you use. 

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